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About My River Tickets

My River Tickets is an online ticket portal dedicated exclusively to events in the Upper Delaware region. Tickets, from cooking lessons, workshops and outdoors events to concerts, theatre, art galleries, festivals and more are easily accessible, safe and convenient to purchase. Purchases can be made by using MyRiverTickets.com on your phone or computer. There is a lot to discover in the Upper Delaware; My River Tickets is your first stop to access all of the region’s premier festivals, performances, events and more.

My River Tickets provides our region’s organizations with access to the entire River Reporter’s audience, built-in marketing support and a professional team right here to help your event thrive. Since 1975, The River Reporter continues to reach an audience on both sides of the Delaware and beyond, with our audience continuously growing each year.

My River Tickets believes that the foundation of community is connection. We are dedicated to celebrating the Upper Delaware region’s exceptional events, entrepreneurial spirit, environmental conservancy, distinguished arts programs and dynamic communities.

Any organization can sell tickets on My River Tickets. For more information about using My River Tickets for your event, please go to https://myrivertickets.com/about/ticketing.